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Looking at the Other Side of the Coin

Seriously, people are looking at things at a single perspective. I really cant blame if thats their opinion on things but come on. Not just because you saw it on your friends Twitter page, your classmates Facebook status updates, your neighbors Tumblr account doesn't neccessarilly mean that it is the truth.

I love the commercial of Inquirer and motivates people to keep 'inquiring' and not just settle with whats spoon fed in your mouth by some convenient source. It just irks me so much that everything is spreading like wildfire.

First point: Mendoza was the bad guy

Oh come on, cut the guy some slack. If you scavenged the web for more readings and asked yourself, "What made him tick?" You could have gotten a better answer. Take for example this article from Inquirer on how Mendoza was a good man, a decorated officer and probably just another policeman at the wrong place at the wrong time. Heck, he could even be someone who was 'crabbed' by other envious men in the force, you know how dirty things are.. When you're climbing up, people would pull you down.
“If he wanted to use his authority to earn easy money, he could have easily taken that money and leave the service for good. But he did not even think about it,” (in reference to the Marcos loot)
I believe that man is inherently good. Its how the world treats us that twists us into something ugly. Its how we get pounded over and over again until we break.
“My brother felt he was a victim of injustice. He was not given a fair chance to defend himself.” (accounts of Mendoza's brother)
Sadly, we'd have to deal with the ugly injustices we currently have. But that doesn't mean that we can't do anything about it. The movie "Law Abiding Citizen" kept swirling over my head. Good guy, pushed to his limits, crucified with the systems injustices, retaliates.. many people die.. You know, stuff like that. It happens, and as people would say: "Wag mong sagarin ang kabaitan ng isang taong mabait, dahil pag yan sumabog.. Magsisisi ka."

You cant blame the man for feeling agitated when he saw that his family is being mistreated by the people outside. If you were in his shoes and lets say, you're mother was being dragged around being shouted upon, what would you feel?

Second point: Irresponsible information dissemination

I just find it annoying how people keeps reposting information that is not even verified. Perhaps this is somewhat reminiscent of the 'chismis' culture which is inherently inside every one of us. "Uy, si ganito nag post ng ganito, na ganito daw.." .. Remember how information gets changed, some info gets lost, or some blatantly adds to the information as it gets passed around? That is exactly whats happening to our circle of social networks.

That letter, from the alleged survivor? Seriously, how hard is it for one to Google the name of the supposed writer, check the links, verify if it came from a credible such as foreign news websites or at the very least, local news websites. But then again, I come to my third point

Third point: Even the media makes mistakes

For one, they shouldn't be covering the whole thing. Its like they're vultures swarming over a dead carcass waiting for it to flinch. Lo and behold, the hostage taker was watching everything on the on board TV. (I know that Steph would react to this).. We all know the media is just doing their job, but sometimes, we bring more harm than good specially in delicate situations.

You wouldn't believe how many people retwitted this. Come to think of it, as the message got passed the speculation eventually borderlined truth. Or was everything just a misunderstanding?

Fourth point: Kulang sa training

Again, cut the force some slack. I hope that people would understand that policemen doesn't get paid that much.. Perhaps it more like a noble profession much like being a teacher. Not to mention that our arsenal is not that hi-tech compared to other countries.

Even the disputed Spratly Islands, the AFP admits, that we lack arms. I cant help but quote: "Wala naman tayong ipuputok" .. Its funny, but its the truth.

Fifth point: Dapat kasi (insert comment here)

Really? Throw flashbangs? Night vision goggles? Thermal goggles? Snipers? C4 explosives? Rappel down helicopters? Black ops mumbo jumbo?

I really cant believe how many people kept suggesting things that the SWAT should have done. This is not Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, Half Life or even Mario.. Why couldn't people just sit back, let the experts do the rescuing and just STFU.

Quick reply: "Oo na sige na, KAYO NA ANG EXPERT"


I just hope that people consider looking at the other side of the coin. All that bickering, all that finger pointing is getting really annoying.

To those interested in further readings, check the links below:
From Decorated Police Officer to Hostage-Taker
Hong Kong angry, sad at handling of Manila siege
Survivors describe terrifying ordeal inside bus

Enough bickering. Lets just learn from our mistakes.


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