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SMS and Social Networks

For several months, ive been looking for a secure way of updating my status messages through SMS. Though there has been several options, ive considered their approach to be significantly flawed. As my friend started posting his updates through sms, I checked the website on how they go about updating your status. I find it very alarming and perhaps, its a good time to share my thoughts as an IT professional. I. Existing Services and Their Flaws Ok, first in my list is the one recently subscribed to by my friend. @tweetitow ( ) Ive looked at how I could subscribe and guess what welcomed me: I already have a twitter account. Now, how can I register to @tweetitow? Simply text/send from your mobile phone your twitter username and password in this following format: REG tweetitow veryverysecret to following gateway numbers: Globe/TM users: 09273389183 Smart/TNT users: 0918-419-4904 Sun users: 0923-986-0673 Text your password? When they get your password