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Modernizing Qwtlys Database Part 1

Its been years since I have last updated Qwtly and I was given the opportunity to play around and modernize the database for my application. I wanted to try the cloud offering of MongoDB called Atlas being that its free for a small database.  With this in mind and considering that Qwtly doesn't get traffic after I have disabled the add, edit and delete quote function along with the login, I don't see the application getting to that limit of 5GB anyway. Well, that is considering if I can even get this to work.  The first order of business was to see if we can import the MySQL export painlessly to MongoDB Atlas. I have searched for MongoDB tools, external tools, scripts, only to find old abandoned projects which would not be ideal given my situation. I have considered writing a PHP script to do it but that too would cost time. I was looking for something that consists of using existing tools or features I am familiar with along with some manual eyballing and checking. Luckily, I