Sunday, August 15, 2010

HSBC's Branch Locator Using Google Maps API

Since my car is broken, ive been a bit lazy to go to Alabang at the usual branch where I pay my HSBC bills. I told myself that within this week, I'd find time to pay both my Globe and my HSBC bills since both are due some time next weekend.
HSBCs ATM Branch Service Locator
Surprisingly, I liked HSBC's branch locator website which uses Google Maps API to map out different branches, the services offered, banking hours and even a picture of the branch itself.

Its pretty great how companies takes advantage of Google Maps API.

Try it out for a spin! Click here to go to the website.

If you want to know more about Google Maps API, you could visit the link below:

Another website containing tutorials and examples could be found here:

Developing applications using Google Maps API is much simpler and you only need a bit of HTML, JavaScript and XML knowledge. Well, feel free to go wild in expanding its capabilities with your web development language of choice.

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