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Organizing Your Life: Browser Bookmarks

There's a point in your life when you will realize that you've transitioned into using several sets of computers and noticed that backing up files are pretty much a tedious task. During the course of my transitions, moving from desktops, to laptops and even using 2 to 3 computers depending on the task I've hated how much files I need to circulate and to figure out which ones are the updated. Ive simplified the task of backing up files by creating a list of folders to be archived beforehand then doing the backup 2 to 3 days ahead so I would not forget anything in the process. I normally backup my personal folder, My Documents, browser bookmarks and my Yahoo Messenger archives. Using a bookmark synchronization tool relieves me of one of my tasks and worries. Not to mention that I could access what Ive bookmarked even if I'm away from my main computer. Introducing Xmarks, formerly called Foxmarks. Xmarks could be downloaded as an add-on for Firefox in this address: https:/