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In line with the nationwide Sanitation Hackathon organized by several organizations here in the philippines and abroad, I mentored for one of the GDG chapters here in Davao. After my presentation yesterday, I myself attempted to do a quick hack on how to help in the sanitation problems faced here and abroad. Using Google Maps Javascript API and a supposedly a little bit of PHP (but I became to busy to continue the rest of the application) I've created a webapp which does a simple basic thing: get your current location and report/tag it as an offender. This is in hoping that the corresponding establishments and local government units to improve the sanitation of their provided restroom facilities. Unfortunately, since im one of the mentors for the Davao participants, I wont be able to join the submission of entries. Its a nice proof of concept though :)  The source code could be viewed (since its all just a bunch of HTML and JavaScript. The app is available at htt