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On Virtualization

Back then, datacenters has been filled with racks and racks of servers serving different functions. Most datacenters today are still setup in such a way that for different services such as mail, web, file storage are kept in separate physical boxes. The problem with this scenario is, primarily, the infrastructure cost. If you're a small company tight on budget, its a pretty big investment to follow this setup. Imagine buying a mail server, a web server, file server, app server, test development server, redundancies.. The list goes on. Also, it is a headache to maintain.. What if you need more RAM in your app server and your web server is underutilizing its resources? Are you going to pull down the server and transfer memory modules from one physical server to another? Power consumption is also a problem. Servers, by nature are power hogs. They suck up huge amounts of electricity and maintaining a 1 rack data center would be a big pain in the wallet. The good thing about techn