Friday, July 30, 2010

Pokemon Geeks and Dating

I feel like this is just both cute and stupid at the same time. Well, some girls really dig geeks you know. Whatta pick up line!

Elite Four huh?
Lifted from this Kotaku post.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why Bastardize an RX-7?

During my usual window shopping runs this evening, I was thinking about the idea of purchasing a project car me and my dad (since he's a mechanic) could work on during weekends. He knows a lot about automotive technology and I think that its a good practice to pass on the knowledge to the next generation.

The first car that popped into my head when I was thinking project car and cheap was the old Beetle. A lot of people were saying that its kind of a warrior car that, until now, is still a workhorse for the Filipinos. Then I thought to myself, "heck, I'm not going to look hip and young driving those clunkers." Though it just dawned on me just now that it might be a reasonable project car because of the widely available spare parts. Considering that, I still don't want it though. 

Vintage, but reflects the youthfulness and the rebel in our generation. It seems that thinking about that made me go back to the Devil Z. It's a Nissan Fairlady S30 Z  or sometimes known as the Datsun 240Z/260Z/280Z in other markets. So I Googled and found some interesting stuff like how one is overpriced to 540,000 pesos. Come on, seriously, dont make me laugh. From what i've Googled several months ago, I saw the same model selling at less than a 100,000. Well, checking from an old conversation with a friend, it was being sold at 60,000 but with a messed up interior and a beat down engine. It was a good project car for that price but I was hoping that the engine would at least still be running. As I checked again, it was already sold.

So, what else are my options? I was thinking that, if I was going to devote time on it why not pick one from my top 5. Well, or at least an older generation of whats in my top 5. Which brings me to the topic of this post. I present to you, an ad I saw at olx.. The bastardized RX7.

An RX-7 FC3S with a toyota engine
I didn't know if I was going to get so angry or I would cry manly tears for the blasphemous butchery that has befallen this poor thing. Why the frigging heck would you swap the bread and butter of the RX-7 family, the Wankel rotary engine, to a mere Toyota engine. (which is probably just those Japan surplus used to build owner type jeeps) Seriously, WHY?

I feel sad for the most likely under-appreciation of the technological superiority of the rotary engine.

But then again, maybe the original engine was already broken or the owner thought that parts of it are hard to come by. But still, its a depressing thought.

What a waste of a good RX-7 body. 

The Jailbreak One Stop Shop

The United States Library of Congress now allows jailbreaking (your iDevices) and rooting (your Android devices) and an added bonus, ripping your DVDs (for educational purposes of course). You may visit this site for more legal mumbo jumbo or head on to this Engadget post for a more humane translation of all those legal jargons you may come across reading the press release.

If you're one of those who asks, "I want to start jailbreaking, so where do I start?" Good question. Back then, it was way confusing even just to identify what iPhone you have or what iPod Touch you're holding. Thanks to this very helpful chart, all resources are now available in one page.

image from simplifies the identification tasks of knowing what device you have, what generation and what software to use to jailbreak. It also has a guide for you to follow on your jailbreaking escapades.

Thousand Miles of Fire

From up here the city lights burn like a thousand miles of fire.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chewy. Squirrel. Nazis

The verdict: DAMN AWESOME!

gamefan84 posted on his Deviantart account the most radical and awesome image ever. Chewbacca battling Nazis while riding a squirrel. 

Bumped on this through this post on Kotaku.

All You Need is Love

All you need is love. Vegas, will I see you again? <3

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vanille. Snow. Lightning.

I kinda miss playing FFXIII. Pipo still has my CD though, and I think I should worry about some important stuff first. I hope the next time we'd be able to go to that area (near Staples Center) again, we'd be able to watch some live Lakers game.

Starcraft 2 Campaign: 16 Hours

This guy, apparently finished the campaign of Starcraft 2 in 16 hours. Why hello there, didnt you sleep at all? Apparently, I guess most of my friends are really grinding it off in .. Get some sleep guys! Theres also a short read about this found at Kotaku

Starcraft II Pre-Order People

I think all of my friends who pre-ordered Starcraft II got their original copies. It seems that people nowadays are camping more at original retail stores than their trusty pirate stores. Aside from hiccups that the installation needs Windows SP3 updates and some game patches, I think that Facebook has really been quiet because people have started playing online.

Image courtesy of + Blizzard

Me? I skipped pre ordering or immediately buying the game since my PC and/or laptop is not capable of playing the game.

I hope everyone is enjoying!

For those who still havent got the hang of the new interface (or those who didnt get the chance to fondle the beauty of it during the beta) Kotaku has posted a squeaky nice article about navigating yourself through the new interface.

Monday, July 26, 2010

iPhone 4 Will Be Available in Canada Unlocked

CBC News reports that the new iPhone 4 will be sold in Canada unlocked. The price point is still pretty steep compared to the price subsidized iPhone 4 with a carrier plan.

Though no price is given yet on the Apple Store Canada website, CBC states the following prices (which is also converted to peso for your convenience)

iPhone 4 16GB - 659 CAD est. 29,434.95 PHP
iPhone 4 32GB - 779 CAD est. 34,794.88 PHP
iPhone 3GS 8GB - 549 CAD est. 24,521.68 PHP

Now, if you have relatives there going home soon, it might be a good idea to ask this sexy little item from them..

Apple Store Canada

Get Your Wallets Ready

An article by Gizmodo posts that the iPhone 4 will be reaching 17 more countries this Friday. Though there is still no news yet when it will arrive here in the Philippines through Apple's carrier partner Globe, snagging a unit in Hong Kong would be the best option for those who cant wait to get the newest iteration of the iPhone.

Image from

Hong Kong is one of those countries which sells the iPhone carrier free. You get the freedom to choose what carrier you would want to use with your new and shiny iPhone 4. Nothing really beats the feeling of an officially unlocked iPhone.

Friday. Yeah!

Whoa Gamers!

Damn, if Amy Okuda was really a gamer. That'd be awesome. But then again, Felicia Day is equally hot, being a confirmed gamer and a red head.. Hotness is off the charts!

Watch seasons of The Guild in their YouTube channel:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Of Phishing and Spam (Again)

Apparently, upon checking my spam mail again, the phishers got my email address correctly.. But it still doesnt take away the fact that I know its a fake email.

Upon mouse over on the logos

Heres the full email. They got it correctly this time. But not enough to fool me.

Stay safe kids.

Of Phishing and Spam

I dont usually use my Yahoo! Mail anymore but still, I occasionally check if there are still important emails arriving at that address. From time to time, I also check the spam folder just incase Yahoo! wrongly classifies an email as spam.

But then again, there are really spam emails and one particular email caught my attention. It was allegedly from Amazon pertaining to an order I made. It was an email receipt for that 'item'.

Click for larger view

There are things that are pretty much obvious for the trained eye but for those people who are a bit clueless, its a big problem.

For example, if you see the complete snapshot above, you could see that my name and my email are spelled wrong. I am not Allan Muigai, nor my email is not .. Some people might react to this as an innocent typo error.. Well, ITS NOT. If its a typo, the email wont be able to get delivered to your inbox.

Heres another tricky one, when you check the sender.. At first glance, you could tell that the email came from Amazon.. Sadly, those stuff could be faked.

 The last and important bit of information could be checked from the clickable links on the email. When I put my mouse over the Amazon logo, it should be a link going to their official website ( but then again, if you see the status bar, its going to take you to another website.. Which could either be a website planting a malicious software on your computer or a site which looks like amazon and will ask you to log in.

Careful, if you fall for these traps, once you enter your login information.. Your account is already compromised.

Stay safe, the internet is a warzone.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Desktop GUI on Ubuntu Server

If you're one of those people who'd prefer to install Ubuntu Server for your server needs but is pretty much stumped on all the command line witchcraft. Heres a quick tip on getting your fix on the GUI life.

Login to your account and just type
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
It will check for the packages which needs to be installed and as you answer yes, it will download it from the net and you'd have to manually invoke to get to the desktop.