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PHP Upload Limit

Sometimes, you write a code which has upload features or backing up a database then only to find out that your PHP installation limits your upload to 2mb. Ive encountered this problem while I was backing up databases using phpMyAdmin and realized that the file ive downloaded is too huge for an upload without tweaking the necessary files. So with this I resulted to editing the php.ini file to accommodate a larger file upload size. The php.ini file varies from one location to another depending on your install (may it be Windows, Mac or Linux).. In my Linux server (Ubuntu) its found in /etc/php5/apache2/ Here are the variables you need to watch file_uploads upload_max_filesize max_input_time memory_limit max_execution_time post_max_size You may change the values as you like but take note that setting some things higher (ie. memory_limit) would consume your resources a bit more. So be careful in editing. After tampering the settings, you may need to restart your Apache servi

When You Think JSP is Better

And you want to install Apache Tomcat instead of the usual Apache, you may follow this guide on how to install Tomcat effortlessly through apt-get. Because I Think JSP Is Still Cooler You need to tweak it a little to set the default ports. Though the guide tackles the post configuration needed to run this. 

Missed Installing SSH?

And, if for some freak reason, you forgot to install SSH in your Linux box.. You could always follow this simple steps to remote shell goodness The Sad Fact That I Forgot To Install SSH Now with this, I could peacefully connect to my server and install Apache Tomcat (I intentionally did not install any web server if you might ask)