Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starcraft II Pre-Order People

I think all of my friends who pre-ordered Starcraft II got their original copies. It seems that people nowadays are camping more at original retail stores than their trusty pirate stores. Aside from hiccups that the installation needs Windows SP3 updates and some game patches, I think that Facebook has really been quiet because people have started playing online.

Image courtesy of gossipgamers.com + Blizzard

Me? I skipped pre ordering or immediately buying the game since my PC and/or laptop is not capable of playing the game.

I hope everyone is enjoying!

For those who still havent got the hang of the new Battle.net interface (or those who didnt get the chance to fondle the beauty of it during the beta) Kotaku has posted a squeaky nice article about navigating yourself through the new Battle.net interface.


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