Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buying Guide for Hard Drives

It has been argued on by so many computer enthusiasts when asked "Is it worth it to buy (insert brand here) (insert drive space here) for (insert price here) ?"

Given the example above, how can you say that its better to buy the 1.5 TB drive and just adding a bit more money than buying the 1 TB drive? Ive explained this approach to a batchmate of mine in DLSU some years ago. I wasnt able to remember it until we had a YM conversation last night.

Given the prices from the PCX price list:
4910 pesos for a 1Terabyte Seagate SATA 16mb
7720 pesos for a 1.5Terabyte Seagate SATA 32mb

So, if you have a 1000 Gig (~1TB) drive for 4910 Pesos what you need to do is just divide the amount by the size of the drive.

4910/1000 = 4.91 Pesos per Gigabyte
7720/1500 = 5.15 Pesos per Gigabyte

Its safe to say that for the price to space ratio, you would get a better deal if you buy the 1TB drive rather than the 1.5TB drive. Though you might want to hold off buying a Seagate for this matter.

But when it comes to usability after several years, its a different story. I have an old 1.2 Gig Seagate drive at home and I cant really think of any use for it except as a drive for my legacy systems.

* thanks to PCX price list dated 8/5/09 for the prices

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